Thursday, February 27, 2014

You Oughta Know : MFW

image by Sabine Pieper

As your fashion intern / internet best friend I have a moral obligation to give you my much missed thoughts on Milan Fashion Week. I will explain slowly as well as give fair justification to why I have been MIA (missing in Armani) Instead of being wrapped in a satin gown, i've been entangled in satin sheets. Although blissful, my mind and heart has been otherwise occupied by a certain bright eyed hunk. Anyway, Emilio Pucci : sex appeal exists even in oversized ponchos. Navajo has never looked so chic paired with earth tones, leather and fringe. Imagine Velvet Suits via Liberace. Perf, right? Ferragamo stole my heart in ninth grade when a gorgeous pair of black bow flats were gifted to me for my fourteenth birthday. Its a pivotal age, really. Brushed plaid, various leather trimmed capes, sophisticated pleats dripping in rich color. Add some riding boots and i'm trembling in elegance. Alas, Marco de Vincenzo. Black knits shimmered with bits of color AND Swarovski crystals lined simple tunics, adding a particularly intergalactic aspect to otherwise simple pieces. I advise you to get used to patterns and to possibly find a second job. Hope you're feeling fulfilled.


Nita Lappalainen said...

Interesting read! Overall fantastic blog :)

Nikky said...

Hope you receive many more such gifts :)

Madame Ostrich said...

Hey! I found your blog through IFB, because you posted in a comment that you're a writing based blogger. I am too!

Nice to meet a kindred spirit in the blogosphere... we're a rare and dying breed!

Beautiful blog, following you on bloglovin now so let's keep in touch!


Sharon Pate said...

I always enjoy your posts. This is another hit with me.


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