Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Don't Mess With The Mule

image by  Leigh Viner

Ariana made a surprise visit to the city. She 
claimed sweet words like 'miss', 'best friend' and
 even the dreaded, 'need'. I invited her to sip bitter coffee as i'm not eating this month due to the desire to fit appropriately into a lace sample size Stella dress without bits and bobs peeking out. Once at the cafe table, Ariana tucked platinum blonde waves behind pointed elf ears and batted her lashes across to me. We caught up on one another's lives ; Lanvin Boy, work, internships, Caras coming out and other important worldly news. It seemed as though her anger had subsided, until I crossed my left leg over my right, revealing the latest white calfskin spiked heel mules picked up earlier that day. Icy eyes widened but instead of sinking into my seat, I  scowled right back and uttered two words that 
would ultimately change our ex-bee-eff-eff ship 
for good. "They're Fendi."

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Raissa said...

This is lovely! I love your writing style, it makes everything five times more interesting.

Madame Ostrich said...

Oh of course Raissa has found you too! We should seriously start a club of smart girls who blog, haha.

Your writing is really amazing though. Those Fendi mules.... The black and white ones? Killer.


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