Friday, March 7, 2014

(P)ursuing (R)adically

They call us PR Girls. I had no idea it was a thing until it was a thing. Everyone in the industry deems public relation interns and coordinators as 'media goddesses'  You know, the stilettoed model-thin babe drenched in all black, banging into you on the crowded street because she's too busy casually name dropping on twitter. Hashtag PFW. Each season requires some serious researching, but with us we make it a bit easier for you. Like online classes and Google. It's not all martini sips at masquerade fashion bashes or stepping into traffic to graciously hail a yellow cab, though. Publicity is free so that means we have to become bee eff effs with the press. Obsess and chicly stalk the editors, writers and journalists so that they will feature the product, cyber promote like no tomorrow and manage guest lists that you may or may not be on (not) Someone has to do the ass kissing. And although those asses may be covered in triple-layered wool scattered with waterproof nylon, they are still asses.


Glenda said...

Love it! You are a great writer.

Tiffy Diamond said...

Well, written, fun vibrant read on the life of PR. Fabulous or not someone has to do it. You have an engaging style. Keep at it!

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