Saturday, May 10, 2014

Daughter of the Bribe

A sunglass brand left me a voicemail last night and asked
me to attend a press launch event at 7:00 am. Not wanting
their first impression of me to be all Demi Lovato pre-rehab, I declined instantly. I don't get out of bed until at least...7:45
on a Friday. 'If you decide to attend, we will be sending a
driver to pick you up.' I hopped out of bed. Oh,
what time did you say?

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Sick On Style

fashion sketch

Friday is everyone's celebratory weekday. Wait till Friday. Plans Friday? Too glad its Friday! I would love to throw on an exceedingly body-conscious dress and head out with my gals and boy(s) preparing to vomit from expensive alcohol consumption but as a self proclaimed fashion enthusiast I cannot. And for what reason? I'm staying in to figure out my aesthetic. Confused dot com? Well, so am I. You know your love for clothing has become severe when you turn down a huge launch event invitation (and opportunity to be toe to Chanel boot with Rachel Zoe) to stay inside, laying upside down on your bed, trying to figure out if you're more rocker chic or polished boho. Life is so, so difficult. // Sketch by Jessica Olah

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Gotta Prioritize

Location : 660 Madison Ave. Store: Barney's. Dying over : leather open toe ankle strap pump in black. Designer : Gianvito Rossi. Supporting Reason : huge event to cover next weekend while simultaneously impressing emerging IT girls with said shoe. Location : 1003 Madison Ave. Store: Intermix. Need : L'Agence  mesh romper in white. Valid Excuse : Lanvin Boy asked me to join him on a mini beach vacation and a simple cover up simply wont do. Location : 611 5th Ave. Store : Saks Fifth. Must have : OAK high low draped sweatshirt in white. Logic : higher self esteem via higher end item owning. Location : my studio apartment.  Fridge contents : empty. Hunger : all time high. Satisfaction : major.

fashion illustrations by kornelia dębosz