Thursday, January 9, 2014

Like A Virgin

Im approaching my trip in the same way I approached Anatomy -- by conducting an investigation in the glow of a Macbook screen while simultaneously dissecting the Skeletal System (my closet) A lot of my study is based on movies and the amount of information that needs to be gathered before meeting my own Miranda Priestly was well worth skipping a Friday night out. Some might call this being over eager but I prefer to call it "saving my ass before it needs saving" Picture me looking ever so superior in a Helmut Villous Jersey Jacket. Calm and chic and collected and not at all nauseous.  Or possibly a pair of black Vince Anya Asymmetrical Pumps with a shift dress. Stylized, prepared, intern-appropriate or too high street? Not couture? I throw my hands into the air. Where is Kelly Cutrone when you cannot help but reveal your fashion industry callowness?

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