Sunday, January 12, 2014

Dear (Versace, Versace)

I'm writing in reference to a brushed metal sheath 
dress with slinky chain straps, a Double-V neckline 
and pyramid studs adulatory to a quilted metallic 
chain shoulder bag; my second favorite bag after
the lambskin satchel (in fuchsia, naturally).  I 
have deemed your latest pieces Très nĂ©cessaire to 
my life, my closet and my self-confidence. The 
adrenaline i'm experiencing while browsing is impressive. The Medusa Printed Tulip-Hem Dress 
is so 1960's I literally die a million chic deaths. I can't 
even begin with the Mesh flounce dress ; spin me
'round and call me Bez. The Raffia one button 
jacket fits perfectly between WORK and DINNER PARTY. And finally,  the powder pink core 
of Pre Fall counterbalances with the masculine tweed just right. I wonder, Ms V, did you have me in mind while you created? Let me know next time
and I'll be your fit model. Can't wait to curate 
some ideas with you. Patiently, Lavinia. 


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