Monday, January 27, 2014

Getting It Straight

sketch by Ancoula

I had sworn off guys and stuck with it for a whole hour when this hot little number breezed past me at a company party yesterday evening. (I say breezed by but I actually pounced like a leopard) I could see it now. 'Well dressed male spotted at fashion party wearing questionably straight Lanvin cap toe sneakers.' I was surprised he had made it past the union of  older gentlemen hoping to reenact The Dickson Experimental Sound Film as inspiration for next seasons collections. Seemingly unruffled by the amount of ruffles in the room, Lanvin Boy asked me for my number. About a week later, we met outside Per Se ; me dressed in a casually sexy BLK DNM leather top and him just sexy in general. We sat close to the windows overlooking Central Park, sipped the best wine we could afford on our intern budgets, whispered about Kim Kardashian, mutually hated trends and how the explicit hip hop music blaring on the speakers didn't fit the French design of the dining area. Yelling over the lack of filtered profanity, we agreed to go out again. // follow Lavinia on twitter @herpaintedpout


xLovelyMuffinx said...

Love it! Had to follow right away! Obsessed! xx

Sharon Pate said...

LOL.:) Such a clever post. I love it.


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