Wednesday, January 29, 2014

About Face
Sketch by Ronelle Van Wyk
Bring up the Spring season and visions of pastels, floral prints, baby pink gloss and rosy cheeks probably come to mind. But before you run out and purchase yet another tube of 363 Dormeuse, consider the bolder and sexier trends emerging. Give your pout a tropical twist with creamsicle oranges (majorly obsessed with Mac Meltdown & Saigon Summer) Walking up to the Bloomies counter on my lunch break to ask if they were carrying  'something to give me a dewy Alexander Wang or Chloe glow', made me realize that I was hardly the first fashion girl rushing to the counter. The sales woman begrudgingly pointed me in the direction of Water Moisture Gel. Although heavy smudged liner is also a must-smear, going out with a fresh natural face is in too. Marant and Mara featured bare skin and flushed cheeks while Cavalli channeled their inner Taylor Momsen. I have yet to master the penciled eyeliner shapes of Vaccarello but I have been successfully accused of impersonating Marilyn Manson.


Anonymous said...

Really great post! Love the concept and style of your blog. Very interesting.

Ray | Obey Ray

Roxy's Rocks said...

great post!

Pip Addis said...

I really like your writing style and this blog is a nice change to the others I read. Love that you use sketches in with your posts too! I need to get myself an awesome shade of orange lipstick for Spring and get back to self tanning again, so I can actually wear those kinds of shades for Spring! Have a nice weekend and feel free to drop by my blog if you would like to. Would love your honest thoughts!
xx Easy Outfits, by Pip

Isabelle Lichtenstein said...

I cannot agree more with what you said in this post! I'm so excited to sport the no-makeup makeup look for spring! Natural tones with a bright cream sickle lip and rosy cheeks... I need spring NOW! I am also super in love with your blog concept! I want to pursue fashion journalism in the future, so I am just in touch with your writing. I love reading it!
Isabelle @ Lichtenstyle xx

Alyssa Martinez said...

This is the first time I visited your blog and I have been reading your posts for -god knows how long- haha I really like your approach. Very very different from most fashion blogs I have been reading. I'm looking forward reading more :)


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