Friday, February 7, 2014

Dust Yourself Off

Image by Laura Laine 
At the Peter Pilotto for Target launch party, the usual assemblage of high profile industry favorites were there carefully sipping cocktails and avoiding the petit fours like last years trends. Teetering in my brand new Pour la Victoire Carrigan belted booties, I made my way over to my editor, who then clasped onto my hand as if her fingers suddenly became a brass cuff. I then stumbled over said new bootie(has a gorgeous pointed toe, btw) spilling red wine down the sleeve of my dress which led to a panic that resulted in the deterioration of my dignity. I lay on the floor, covered in expensive alcohol, face to face with a dazzling pair of lambskin leather Hermes thigh highs. EIC scrambled to scoop me up into her frail arms. She leaned close to my ear, 'keep it together.' Instead of hiding in the nearest bathroom stall, face between legs, dry heaving, I hid the stains on my dress with my arms and clutch and allowed photos to be taken. I took her advice as, hey, i'm at an exclusive fashion event taking group photos between Alexa Chung and Taylor Schilling. I could have been back at home, eating Jolly Ranchers in bed between my cat Chloe and my dog Coconut. I think I could recover from just about anything. 


Glenda said...

In spite of the spill, your outfit sounds divine!

Alyssa Martinez said...

Despite that, I'm glad you "keep it together" :) nice post!


ariella villefranche said...

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